On Aging

This site is about one man's thoughts on the aging process in early 21st Century America.

One Man, One City, One Virus

John Prine tested positive for coronavirus. The navy ship Comfort pulled into New York Harbor. People were building field hospitals in Central Park. Two painful weeks are ahead, says the president.

John had part of a lung removed several years ago. He is a gifted storyteller with an ear for the heartbreaking. From his song Donald and Lydia:

But dreaming just comes natural
Like the first breath from a baby,
Like sunshine feeding daisies,
Like the love hidden deep in your heart.

Nice writing, isn’t it? Say strong, John Prine.

The scenes out of New York are awful. We have failed our medical providers. According to their governor, the worst is yet to come. When you see a great America city on the verge of mass suffering, it’s hard to comprehend.

The only bright spot in the news: some lunatic pastor in Florida got arrested for ignoring the social distancing rules when he went ahead and held his church service.


Late Career Move

In mid-October of 2019, about ten days short of my 59th birthday, I quit my job. The job was a poor fit for me. And I was miserable every day at work. So, I resigned, with no other job offer in hand.  

It’s unsettling and exciting at the same time. I feel a desire to pivot away from the corporate world. But where should I pivot? I don’t know.

I do know that time is a limited resource. Especially at this stage in life. Get it wrong and perhaps consign myself to losing a precious year or two walking down the wrong path.

What’s the most important need right now, and into the foreseeable future?

  • Money
  • Job satisfaction
  • Professional relationships
  • Contribution to the community
  • Job security

These are the things I’m thinking about. The coronavirus unemployment surge is just starting to take off. More than 3 million new claims filed last week, a record.

I only need one job. That’s the best way for me to think about it.

Big Questions

Like a lot of people in my age cohort (I’m now 59) I’m facing some big questions.

  • What do I want to do with the rest my life?
  • What are my goals?
  • Where shall I live?
  • How can I maximize my health and wellness?
  • What does it mean to be an older person in a youth culture?
  • Will I have enough money?
  • What changes to my lifestyle do I need to make?
  • What happens upon our death? Is that the end?

Yesterday Senator Rand Paul was diagnosed with the virus and Angela Merkel went into self-quarantine.

All the big questions, at least for the next year, are going to be filtered through the lens of coronavirus.